10th Annual National Dodge Charger Meet 1998

Boerne, Texas

The meet took place in a small town northwest of San Antonio called Boerne.

It was sponsored by TDC

I had a blast there. Met a lot of really good people from all over. My car made the front row of the group photo. I was somewhat embarrassed at first but later felt good about it. There were a lot better looking cars there that should have been up front. This was a meet and not a show. If it was a Charger it could be there. There were Chargers in all states of restoration. They had a Texas hill country cruise later that day. Once again I was in the spot light. My car blew a tire out on the run. Thanks to those who stopped and helped me! Despite the problems I really had a good time and plan to be back for 1999!

Here are some photo's from the meet.

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