12th Annual National Dodge Charger Meet

Region 3

T.D.C. - The Dodge Charger Registry

This years event took place in El Dorado Kansas again.

Wonderful weather this year. We had 96 cars show up.

2 of which were original Daytona's.

One took best of show and the other was a Hemi 4 Speed car.

An original Charger 500

3 General Lee's

Lots and lots of other Chargers.

I noticed a lot of 71 Chargers there this year!

On with the show.......................................

EdSled early morning!

8 a.m. some cars showing up

Hemi Car with Blue Lines! Clean!

My friends show car. Not a spec of dirt on it!

I want those wheels!

Whoever owns this car please email me! We live in the same town!

426 Hemi!

71 Charger!

71 Charger SuperBee

Charger 500

Sloped back window!

YES! Finally a REAL Daytona shows up!

426 Hemi with a 4speed!

It doesnt get any better then this!

Justa good ol boys!

I wanna ride JR!

We took our cruise to Cassidy Kansas. Had pie and tea and drove back!

Officially we had 96 car show up but I say 96 1/2!

Cool little RC Charger!

As I went to the local DQ for lunch I spied this badass old ride!

Dodge Royal. I dont know the year but I'd guess its a 50's car.

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