14th Annual National Dodge Charger Meet

T.D.C.  The Dodge Charger Registry

El Dorado, Kansas

September 21 & 22, 2002


This year we had 114 Dodge Chargers show up to the El Dorado Meet. Not only did we break 100 for the first time at El Dorado we set the

new record for any TDC Charger meet! The previous record was 104 at Boerne, Texas

This was the year for the Hemi's! 

We had a Hemi 4speed Daytona (Car #100) - A 440 4 Speed Daytona - A 440 4speed Daytona Clone

Plenty of 4 speed cars this year also!


Rick Keesler's 70 Todd Wilson's 71 Todd Wilson's 69

(We shoulda parked them in order Rick!)


My friends Rocky & Marianne's show Charger! The flagship Charger of Charger Fever.com!

Red Kilby and Ginger!


King Richard!

440 4speed! VERY NICE!

This car was AWESOME! 426 Hemi 4 speed!

Viper showed up in El Dorado this year!

Lining up in the Wal-Mart parking lot for the cruise!

Hemi 4speed Daytona Car #100 ready for the cruise!

Kinda like being in a candy store isn't it!

Chargers OWNED 254 highway. Approx. 65 Chargers in a row.

People trying to get on the highway just stopped at intersections and on the shoulder and some got out of their cars to watch as miles of

 Chargers rolled by!

Circling around. TV crew on the overpass bridge! Film at 11!

Nothing like getting out of bed to this picture in the morning!

There's Aifilaw under the hood!

Sunday morning!

Year Count

 1964 Concept            1

 1966                                20

1967                                7

1968                                13

1969                                27

1970                                12

1971                                10

1972                                5

1973                                10

1974                                9

 State Count with Chargers

 KS       67

OK      20

TX       8

MO      6

NE       4

IA        2

CO      2

IL         1

IN        1

MN      1

MS      1

AZ       1

 State Count w/o Chargers

 KS       7

MO      6

MN      2

OK      1

MI       1

AZ       1


We made the newspaper the following day!

(Click for article!)

Special thanks to all the were able to come to the El Dorado Meet!


Also a big Thanks to

El Dorado Convention & Visitors Bureau 


Kansas Oil Museum


Steffens Auto Parts of Hutchinson, Kansas


Laird Nollar Dodge Dealership in Hutchinson, Kansas

Both let me put a stack of flyers out for the public to take!

The Dodge Charger Registry